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Omnichannel for Call Centers

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The most innovative, cost effective, cloud-based solution allowing consumers to connect to you ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, through ANY CHANNEL.

Glassix enables direct contact with customers across all channels – text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Email and Chat, with one tool and a single interface for all interactions.

Glassix optimizes agent’s performance by giving them the ability to respond seamlessly to clients and to provide reliable, fast and efficient service to more customers simultaneously.

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Strengthening customer-to-brand relationship by enhancing customer experience

Instead of making the customer wait on the line to speak to an agent, Glassix enables the customer to contact the agent immediately through any one of the available digital communication channels. Glassix improves the ability of agents to help the customer solve problems independently by sharing photos, videos, guides, etc. with the customer. In many cases the customers can solve the problem on their own and save a technician’s trip.

Optimize your agents time

Unlike a phone call, where an agent can communicate with only one customer at a time, in multi-channel communications such as text messaging, chat and more, one agent can easily interact with multiple customers at the same time. This way, Glassix enables organizations to significantly reduce and even eliminate customer wait times when they seek to communicate with an agent, and provide more efficient service to a larger number of customers without increasing the resources required.

With Glassix consumers enjoy:

    1. Transparent channel switching for a smoother journey
    2. Channel agnostic group chats
    3. End-to-end encrypted messaging
  • Glassix enables the customer to take photos and transfer images to the representative. For example, a customer who has a problem with an appliance can, during the call, send a photo to the agent to explain the problem, and the agent can send an image with an explanation of the problem.
  • In addition to transferring images, the system enables real-time video transfer between the agent and the customer.
  • Your Company no longer needs to designate agents to certain channels as all incoming communication arrives in a single format.
  • All outgoing communications are converted to the consumer’s channel of choice.
  • Agents performance is optimized and allows responses to all incoming communication with the same level of importance.
  • Once an agent has started a voice call, the agent can give the consumer the option to continue the conversation via text, e-mail, or another digital channel.
  • Glassix manages conversation scripts, and a knowledge-base of customer training videos.
  • The system supports sending digital documents to the customer’s mobile phone with digital signature capabilities from the phone screen.
  • Managing multichannel communications via Glassix does not require enterprise server installation or client application installation.
  • Glassix is highly secure and can be easily integrated into larger corporate systems without disruption by using an open API that allows easy integration with CRM and CTI systems.
  • Quick and easy integration into CRM solutions such as SalesForce.
  • Interface to IBM Watson with AI capabilities.

Multichannel has multiple, disconnected channels for your custoemrs to contact your business, while Glassix omnichannel has an integrated, seamless cross-channel experience across multiple devices and touchpoints.

The industry is chatting much about Omnichannel Call Centers. So, what makes them unique?

Omni-channel call centers empower the customer to start a support activity in one channel, and seamlessly transition to another. A conversation that begins in social media can continue via a text message or a phone call with all of the relevant context preserved across channels. Omni-channel capabilities are particularly relevant in the mobile context – the mobile customer is used to carrying on dialogs via text, voice, social and instant-messaging channels, and having constant access to information. When companies leverage and integrate these channels, the customer then has a seamless experience at their fingertips.

Omnichannel is no longer about maximizing channel efficiency. It puts the customer, not corporate silos, at the core of the strategy. The omnichannel goal is to deliver a consistent and seamless experience for the customer to have a better engagement. The delivered level of experience is high, whatever the chosen channel is, as customers progress through their journey at their time and place of need.

From the customer perspective, a typical journey might be: send a text message on a smartphone while commuting, continue on a laptop when at home, do some research on the web, and continue the communication on the mobile device while outside shopping.

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Are you ready for Omnichannel?

Glassix, our omnichannel solution for contact centers, enables businesses to turn their contact centers into a true end-to-end omnichannel experience, allowing rapid and simple integration to your existing CRM & IVR platforms, reducing costs in the contact center by utilizing agents more efficiently. Glassix also provides a Visual Omnichannel Interactive Communication Platform with transparent channel switching for a smooth customer journey with channel agnostic group chats with users in or outside your organization.

To learn more about Glassix, you can read this whitepaper.

For details and to contact GLASSIX product manager click here.

Intelligence and Attack

Our most advanced technology requires no deployment on the customer side, would map the organizational assets, including those deployed on the cloud, and identify existing security risks related to these assets, DNS, PKI and third-party services that can be used maliciously by hackers. This solution is fully automated and uses AI to provide self-evolving capabilities. The solution summarizes the findings in a dashboard and reports, immediately alerts when necessary, and provide automatic remediation.

Breach and Attack Simulation

Our Breach and Attack (BAS) assessment empowers organizations to identify, address and provide mitigating framework to any identified security breach. Our BAS is a SaaS-based, fully automated simulation platform which runs thousands of simulations and assesses multiple attack vectors such as email, web, web application firewall, endpoint protection, data exfiltration, lateral movement and phishing. Complementing the organization’s security system, BAS can significantly enhance current organizational cybersecurity posture by highlighting potential security gaps and recommending corrective actions in real time.

Forensic Malware

Genetic Malware Analysis approach, offering enterprises unparalleled and accelerated incident response. Our solution provides a fast, in-depth understanding of any file by mapping its code DNA at the ‘gene’ level – offering the most advanced level of malware analysis. By identifying the origins of every piece of code, Intensity-Global’s Malware analysis solution is able to detect code reuse from known malware, as well as code that was seen in trusted applications.

Security Awareness and Education Platform

Our platform provides cloud-based corporate solution for phishing simulations and security awareness training to take up the challenge of social engineering. We have the ability to white-label the solution, this can be white labeled brand or your clients brand, and all our training material can be customized to meet the needs of your customers.

Next Generation End Point Protection

Revolutionary solution provides the organization with a comprehensive platform for detection, prevention and response to advanced threats with near zero false positives. By working seamlessly, it provides protection against unknown threats, zero-day exploits and ATP. Once deployed, will provide unique visibility by continuous monitoring of organizational IT environment, behavior analysis and identification of interaction indicators across the attack kill chain.