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Glassix is a leading Contact Center Solution Software Company established in 2015. In addition to offering comprehensive solutions to enhance your engagement with your clients, they are working 24/7 to continually improve their products to be consistent with market needs using innovative and advanced technologies.

Glassix’s mission is to change the way companies engage with their customers.

Intensity Global

Intensity Global was established to address the continuously changing security and infrastructure technology landscape and the difficulty companies face in sourcing the required expertise for managing and implementing large scale, successful, security projects.

They provide individual experts and teams for the management, planning, design and implementation of these technologies. They have created a unique offering of global security solutions, based on a personal management involvement in projects while ensuring that each of its individual team members is a domain expert in their respective field. Furthermore, due to the complexity and mission-critical nature of the projects undertaken, the company employs an extensive recruiting process in which candidates chosen – must be leaders in their field, exhibit top professionalism and possess teamwork skills in their DNA.


Inoia Technology has joined forces with several developers of network protection cyber tools, in order to provide the market with unique network protection solutions. They incorporate a team of experienced professionals that have produced successful worldwide track records and are managing projects, supported by over 20 years in the Intelligence industry. Their products, solutions, and training courses were specifically designed by our military and civil intelligence experts. Inoia’s experts are technology officers, team leaders and retired senior officers from elite technology units.